Welcome to Human Factor Training! Specialists in Human Factor training, developing unique skills to increase performance and reduce workplace error, injury or loss of life!
The Oil and Gas Industry is a high risk industry where injury, loss of life, or events leading to huge financial loss can be catastrophic !
The mining industry is another high risk industry with high levels of safety requirements.
The Police operate in hazardous and stressful environments where a single error can be catastrophic!
Any high risk industry depending on staff to ensure safety should consider human factor training. Contact us today!

What is the Human Factor?

Human factors encompass all the factors that influence people and their behaviour. Human factor training equips people with the skills needed to avert a disaster.
 The Human Factor

Training Courses

Human Factor training focuses on preventing accidents by limiting human errors, and equipping your staff to handle the worst case scenarios calmly, professionally and safely.
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Footprint in Africa

Human Factor Training has delivered human factor training to companies in the Oil and Gas, Mining and Police industries, throughout Africa.
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The Human Factor and Safety in the Workplace

Revolutionised Human Factor Training for high-risk industries such as Mining, Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Manufacture, Police Services, and even Educational institutions to name a few!

Human error is widely acknowledged as the major cause of quality, production and safety risks in many industries. Human Factor Training helps workers improve safety in the workplace by building an understanding of the underlying reasons why humans make mistakes and how to prevent them.

The Human Factor and Safety in the Workplace

Human Factor Training has extensive experience in South Africa with a background in training in the aviation industry - an industry which has researched, developed and implemented highly successful Human Factor training programs for over 40 years.

Leverage off this experience and content, the training looks at how to be more effective and efficient, as well as how to improve relationships between the individual worker and every other aspect of the job (written procedures, manuals, checklists, machinery and equipment, the working environment, and other humans that he/she may interact with and depend on).

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Human Factor Training teaches skills which are often a matter of life and death.