Human Factor Safety Training in the Nuclear Industry

Safety in the Nuclear Industry

The following aspects are covered in Human Factor safety course for the nuclear industry:

  • Personality and Behaviour
  • Communication
  • Conformity and Assertiveness
  • Decision Making
  • Judgment
  • Management of Workload, Fatigue and Stress
  • Situational Awareness
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork and Team Building
  • The Learning Process
  • Complacency and Routines
  • Cultural and Gender Aspects
  • Threat and Error Management
  • Trigger Mechanisms

Human Factor Safety Training in the Nuclear Industry

"A safety culture must be fostered to encourage a questioning and learning attitude to radiation protection and nuclear safety, and to discourage complacency" - NNR 0034

A questioning attitude plus a rigorous & prudent approach plus Communication will be a major contribution to Safety - INSAG 4

The Nuclear industry by its very nature presents a unique set of threats that, if an event or accident occurs, the ramifications can be catastrophic. Threat and Error Management plays a vital part in the development of a Safety Culture within these high-risk organizations, and the Human Factor being causal or contributing to errors cannot be ignored.

Accidents can have far reaching consequences, and personnel in the nuclear industry have to comply strictly with procedures as any deviation can have dire consequences, resulting in extensive and in-depth training. The research done in the Nuclear industry around Human Factors is extensive, and in order to focus on key topics, without diluting content, 5 different courses have been made available to students.

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Human limitations in the nuclear industry

Just as mechanical components have limitations, humans have certain capabilities and limitations that must be considered. Eg, nuts and bolts used to attach two components can withstand forces that act to pull them apart. It is clear that these bolts will eventually fail if enough force is applied to them. The same principles apply, in that human performance is likely to degrade and eventually ‘fail’ under certain conditions such as stress.

About the Human Factor in the Nuclear Industry

When corporate management or employees at the "front-line" make poor choices or decisions, it may mean a reduced profit, liquidation, injury or death. A chain of errors may take years of poor decision making to produce catastrophic eventualities.

Nuclear crews often do not have the luxury of time, and decisions must be made swiftly and accurately, and should these decisions be poor, they may result in the various negative outcomes.

The ideal is to develop an inherent culture of adherence to safety SOP’s, where staff activity is executed with an awareness of the dangers in the workplace. This allows elements within the job such as production, safety, maintenance, management and interpersonal relations to be managed cohesively to achieve optimum results.

  1. Classroom based instruction – Human Factor Nuclear Initial / 2-day course
  2. Online human factor course for the mining industry.
    • Course 1 - HP NUC 01 - Regulations and Guidance Material
    • Course 2 - HP NUC 02 - Human Performance Excellence in Nuclear Operations
    • Course 3 - HP NUC 03 - Reducing Error in Nuclear Operations
    • Course 4 - HP NUC 04 - Managing Defences in Nuclear Operations
    • Course 5 - HP NUC 05 - Culture, Leadership & Teamwork
    The pace of the online course is at the discretion of the student.
  • Classroom based instruction for Human Factor in Nuclear is a 2-day course with a standard daily rate of R18,000 excl VAT per class. Min 12 delegates / Maximum 25 delegates. A sliding scale is applicable dependent on number of delegates.
  • Training on-site is preferred as we understand the logistics involved in releasing operational staff for extended periods of time. We work with management in scheduling our training around the operational requirements of the customer.
  • For a quotation on Human Factor Training for your organization, please contact us and we will happily assist you in putting together the best offer for your requirements.
  • Each of the on-line Human Factor Nuclear courses are priced at R1,120 each (inclusive of VAT).
  • Information and access to the on-line courses are available on the training website at: