Aviation safety has evolved over more than a century and has achieved remarkable results. Applying some of the lessons learned may help make healthcare safer.

N. J. Toff
From the Oxford Journal "Human factors in anaesthesia: lessons from aviation"

The Benefits of Human Factor Training

The skills taught in the training areas covered in our human factor training courses are in many cases a matter of life and death! These principles can also make the difference between the life and death of the organisation, or the success of that organisation!

See what our clients say.

  • During 2018 the South African Nuclear Corporation (NECSA) embarked on a procurement process for a Group Safety Culture Assessment and a number of possible service providers were contacted. Two companies that me the criteroa were identified and specifications for a paper base assessment was provided to them,

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  • Participant A: The content of Human Factor is absolutely huge for people who work in the Oil & Gas industry, and made me realize how easily we fall into the trap of operating with a high level of Complacency, and things need to start changing if we want to improve our overall Safety Culture.

    Participant B: Excellent. It provides powerful tools for us to apply the Human Factor skills into our consideration when performing the work.

    Participant C: Wonderful & amazing training. Should be exposed to all employees within the operation to minimise accidents.

    Pertamina Oil & Gas, Indonesia
  • After introducing Human Factor into the company, we immediately saw an exponential growth in the number of hazard reports received. With recurrent HF we have seen improvements in supervisor/operator relations with better flow of communication and a development of a just culture philosophy.

    I’ve found it works best when CRM is applied to all the team and does not single out one tier and especially when supported by senior management.

    As an ex-operational mine manager I believe CRM has its place in every company not only as a cultural tool to drive safety but also workplace efficiency as a whole.

    - Mr Peter Crompton - Exploration Safety Manager, First Quantum Minerals Group